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Vadea Law

Vadea Law

Welcome to VADEA, the forefront of legal services in Bali. Specializing in corporate, property, and intellectual property law, we are your trusted partner for legal excellence in Indonesia. Our expertise and determination of legal research ensures comprehensive solutions for both startups and established corporations.

Unwavering Dedication to Your Legal Success

VADEA’s commitment transcends traditional legal services. We are not just your advisors; we are your steadfast partners in navigating Indonesia’s evolving legal and business landscapes. From attentive guidance for startups to strategic solutions for established enterprises, our approach is tailored, precise, and proactive.

Every client’s journey is unique, and so is our response – thorough, personalized, and geared towards your success. Whether it’s tackling the complexities of corporate law or safeguarding property transactions, our promise is the same: absolute dedication to your needs and goals.

Unwavering Dedication to Your Legal Success

Why Vadea Law

Unwavering Dedication

Unwavering Dedication

Symbolizing Vadea Law’s commitment to fairness, honesty and thoroughness in every case.

Clarity & Transparency

Clarity & Transparency

Represents the firm’s approach to providing clear, straightforward legal advice.

Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

Signifying tailored solutions for every client, whether small or large cases.

Precision & Professionalism

Precision & Professionalism

Depicts Vadea Law’s meticulous attention to detail and professional integrity in every interaction.

Our Specialties

At VADEA, we offer a broad spectrum of legal services, each handled with the same diligence and attention to detail.

Company Law

Navigate Indonesian corporate law with VADEA's expert guidance. Specializing in both local and foreign business investments, our team excels in crafting crucial legal documents and managing intricate transactions. From company incorporation to complex litigation, we ensure legal compliance and operational success, acting as your dedicated legal ally in Indonesia's dynamic corporate landscape.

Property Law

Secure your real estate ventures in Indonesia with VADEA's seasoned property law experts. We offer comprehensive services for both Indonesian and international clients, encompassing property due diligence, lease agreements, and property development oversight. Our competitive fee structure and commitment to cost-effective solutions make us your ideal legal partner in property matters.

Indonesian Real Property Law Expertise
VADEA's team, skilled in real property law, offers advisory and litigation services to corporates and individuals, both locally and internationally. We specialize in every aspect of property law, from due diligence to complex transactions, ensuring our clients receive not only exemplary service but also benefit from our competitive and cost-effective fee structures. Whether it’s property sales, leases, or land development, our expertise covers all legal dimensions to secure your real estate interests in Indonesia.
Legal Advice on Property Transactions
Our legal approach to property transactions in Indonesia, especially in Bali, prioritizes safeguarding your interests. VADEA ensures all terms and conditions are diligently documented and legally binding. We work alongside you to craft or review sales contracts, lease agreements while focusing on detail to prevent future disputes and unnecessary legal proceedings.
Property Due Diligence Report
Conducting thorough Due Diligence is crucial for any real estate transaction in Bali. VADEA provides comprehensive due diligence reports, covering everything from mortgage checking, zoning verification, validation of land certificates, road access, tax obligations, and details of inheritance. Our collaboration with the National Land Agency and notaries guarantees that every property transaction is transparent, legal, and free from disputes.

Notarial Services

In Indonesia, where notaries play a pivotal role in authenticating transactions, VADEA's expertise is invaluable. We provide our services through collaborations with trustworthy and professional notaries, including, review of the notarial deeds, and drafting of essential supporting documents for the transaction. Our focus is to ensure every transaction you undertake is legally robust and executed with precision, safeguarding your interests in every deal.

Expertise in Lease Agreements

Navigate the complexities of lease agreements with VADEA's legal expertise. We specialize in drafting comprehensive lease contracts that cater to both tenant and landlord needs, ensuring every agreement is legally sound and mutually beneficial. Our team adeptly handles the nuances of lease terms, providing clear, thorough documentation in both English and Bahasa. Trust VADEA to secure your leasing arrangements with precision and legal acumen

Intellectual Property Law Protection

Protect your business's unique identity and innovation with VADEA's expertise in Intellectual Property Law. Our team, proficient in handling diverse trademark matters, ensures robust protection for your brand's names, logos, and designs. Registering your trademark with VADEA not only secures your business identity but also prevents misuse, enabling clear recognition and identification of your products or services in the marketplace.

Precision in Contract Drafting

Solidify your business relationships with VADEA's expert contract drafting services. Specializing in both oral and written agreements, our legal team brings unparalleled skill in advising, negotiating, and drafting contracts across diverse legal areas. From sales to settlement, distribution, and franchise agreements, we handle every contract with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they are legally robust and aligned with your business objectives.

Comprehensive Licenses and Permits Services

Alcohol License
VADEA streamlines the process of obtaining alcohol licenses in Indonesia, catering to requirements in tourism and trade services zones. Our expertise covers SKPL certifications and NPPBKC regulations, ensuring legal compliance in the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.
Building Permits - PGB and SLF Permit
VADEA assists in acquiring PBG or SLF licenses for various construction activities, ensuring your building projects align with Indonesia's technical standards.
Import/Export License
Navigate the complexities of import and export in Indonesia with VADEA's expert guidance. We advise on NIB compliance, product classification under HS codes, and ensure all import/export activities meet the regulatory standards set by the Ministry of Trade.


Our diverse clients range from startups to global enterprises, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

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